Professional elder care

There are many community support service agencies in Ontario. Some providers may be government agencies, municipalities, and homes for the aged etc. These services differ in each community and may include, In - home and community services with the intention to help seniors with some day-to-day household tasks, and assist in some personal grooming. However, this service is limited and only lasts a small number of hours. Sapphire Personnel’s role is to play an important part in supporting the elderly, helping them to attain independent within their own environment, and that is where Sapphire Personnel makes the difference.

Some seniors prefer to remain at home where they feel more comfortable, and can maintain their poise in familiar surroundings. We believe that a person has the right to retire in their own home and we can make that possible through our eldercare program. Our Eldercare Program allows seniors to have one-on-one private home care in the comfort of their homes. We will provide you with a trained caregiver who will be well-informed of your needs. They will run your errands, do your housekeeping, cook your meals and make sure that you are comfortable. They also act as a companion and are there when you need them most. Our philosophy is to provide a complete Home Health Care Service that will improve the quality of life for the elderly, so they can maintain their self dignity and independence within their limitations. Therefore, we strive to ensure that receiving care in your home is a pleasant experience and a sensible choice.

Care for elderly family members

Sapphire Personnel will provide you with a free consultation. An Administrative Coordinator will visit with you to work on a plan of care. This allows both parties to determine the level of care and services you or your family member may need.

Sapphire Personnel adheres to the principles of excellence, commitment, and quality. We believe in successful long-term placements therefore, we cater to clients with high standards and respect for fair rules and regulations.