Live-In Nanny Benefits

Advantages over Daycare

  • You chose the person who will be influencing your child’s development
  • Consistent care in the comfort of your own home
  • Individual stimulation and education for your child
  • Personalized childcare matched to your child’s needs and your instructions
  • Flexibility: you determine the schedule
  • A lot less stress in your life
  • Cost is similar to Daycare
  • Nannies provide one-on-one attention to your child
  • There is less exposure of your child to communicable illnesses
  • Often times nannies will do additional household duties as well as caring for the children
  • Children can attend classes, camps, and other recreational activities
  • Additional children are less expensive
  • Parents do not have to find backup care when daycare is closed or when children are ill
  • Parents do not have to transport children to multiple locations

Local Caregivers Foreign Caregivers
  • The local Live-out will most likely not sign a contract because they can work for others and you may be left stranded
  • Without a contract there is no commitment
  • Long term employment is less likely
  • Shorter placement time
  • Much higher monthly cost
  • More demanding about wages
  • Will expect extra when driving to and from work
  • Local placements are generally not available in rural areas
  • Local caregivers are available to be met and interviewed in person (a positive)
  • Local caregivers already in the program, have Canadian experience (a positive)


  • Commitment with a minimum of a two year contract according to the Live In Caregiver Program Criteria
  • Foreign caregivers are authorized to work for only one employer at a time
  • Foreign caregivers are hard-working and conscientious, and the fact that they are Live-in ensures greater reliability
  • Abundant supply internationally

International applicants frequently have a high level of education and experience in such areas as:

  • Nurses & Care Assistants
  • Doctors & Specialists Consultants
  • Social Work Professionals
  • Teachers
  • Medical & Allied Health Personnel
  • Life Science Professionals
  • Therapists Etc...

Many have culturally diverse talents such as:

  • Language skills
  • Music
  • Literature
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Mathematics Etc...

Why Sponsor...

Some employers looking for live-in help may consider sponsoring a suitable candidate from overseas. The Federal Government has realized that there is a shortage in the local availability of experienced caregivers willing to live in, and so in recognizing this need they has implemented the Live-in Caregiver Program. Employers who meet the program criteria can actually sponsor a foreign worker.

Time Factor...

It depends upon the country the caregiver is coming from.  If you choose a caregiver from Hong Kong, Singapore or the Phillipines, the period of time from employer’s application to the caregiver receiving her work permit is between five and eighteen months.  Other countries vary from two weeks in Japan / Tokyo to thirty-seven months in Chandigarh India.

We advise you to plan ahead of time and start the sponsorship process way in advance that would allow the Nanny / Caregiver to arrive for the employment start date.

Facts to consider when hiring a Nanny / Caregiver...

Select a caregiver who has had past experience working at a job that requires skills and capabilities comparable to the ones you require.  An experienced person is someone who has worked at a job for a considerable length of time; therefore they will find the job easier to do than someone who have no experience.

The length of time caregiver spends with previous employers will tell you they stability and ability to adapt successfully to employers needs and requirements and to blend in with the family.

It is a good idea to hire a caregiver with good communication and language skills, especially if they will be spending a considerable amount of time with your children.  Attitude also makes the difference between a good nanny and an amazing nanny.  A caregiver with a pleasant, calm, cheerful temperament can make your home worth coming home to. If you are fortunate to hire such a person, be sure to give them enough positive feedback letting them know their thoughtfulness and hard work is appreciated.