HRSDC Foreign Live-in Caregivers

Overseas nannies and caregivers

Foreign caregivers are available for live-in placements only, and are from countries around the world. They are qualified professionals who have chosen a career in the care giving field, and are willing to serve families here in Canada. Sponsoring an overseas caregiver allows your family to experience and share diverse cultures through the form of food, music, clothes, literature, religion, arts & crafts, language, games, etc. It also allows the caregiver to experience our Canadian culture.

We have taken the greatest of care in selecting caregivers for Canadian families by ensuring our caregivers are fully qualified and ready to provide the quality care that children and the elderly require. By personalizing our approach to match employer and employee we have developed a plan that best suites both parties. Our continuing ability to cater to the specific needs of our clients is what have and will continue to set us apart from the competition.