• Successful completion of six months of full-time training in a classroom setting or Completion of one year of full-time paid employment including at least six months of continuous employment with one employer in such a field or occupation as a childcare provider, care of the elderly, etc.
  • Minimum Canadian Grade Twelve equivalency
  • Ability to read, speak and understand English and / or French
  • Must be at least eighteen years of age

Canadian Equivalency Grade 12 for Caribbean Applicants is: 5 GCEs or CXCs or OLevels

    Criteria for the Live-in Caregiver (LCP) Program are legislated by the Federal Government. Applicants are assessed by the Immigration Department of the Canadian Foreign Mission overseas who will be processing visa applications.

    A Complete Application Includes:

    1. Updated Resume
    2. Cover letter giving details about your interests, child or elder care experiences, hobbies and reasons for wanting to come to Canada.
    3. Three Professional & Two Personal References. Dates, Names, Contact Numbers and Addresses must be clearly noted on each.
    4. Copies of educational and training program certificates e.g. (Child Care, Personal Support Worker-PSW, Bachelor of Science Degree - BA, Early Childhood Educator - ECE Certificate, Teaching Certificate / Diploma.
    5. Two passport size photos
    6. After Registration:

      Upon receiving your Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) it is your responsibility to contact the Canadian Visa Office in your City or Town and apply for a work permit to work in Canada. The Canadian Embassy / High Commission will send an application kit to you, and request the following: passport photos, education & training certificate(s) references, employment agreement, and present Canadian Work Permit fee (CND $155.00) Temporary Resident Visas are ($200.00). A Police Certificate of character may be required if you have worked or lived in a foreign country for at least 6 months.

      If you have met the education and training or have experience related to the criteria of the program, a full medical examination by a doctor approved by Citizenship & Immigration will be required. You will be given a list of doctors in your area to chose from, and the medical examination is at your own expense).

      Your employment authorization will be issued for a one, two or three year period.

      Check with Immigration for the processing times of your application as each country has their own processing time. At the end of your contract and showing between the period of two to four years or 3,900 working hours you might become eligible to apply for landed immigrant status within Canada.