What are the benefits of hiring a nanny?

Hiring a nanny can take some of the extra responsibilities you have as a mother or a guardian and allow you that well deserved leisure time to do shopping, pamper yourself, a night out, entertain friends, have a weekend getaway, or a romantic date with your spouse. Your child will have the one on one dependable and reliable care they need, in the comfort of your home. This will provide you with consistent and extended periods of time for your benefit.

A nanny can also help with some household chores, securing more quality time for mother and child, and especially mothers with new born babies. You will not experience the stress of taking your child to and from daycare in the winter months, won’t have to rush from work to pick up your child, won’t have to stay home because your child is sick and not allowed to attend daycare. Some nannies also assist children with homework.

With multiple children, the cost for a nanny is less than daycare. No restricted daycare hours, more flexibility and the ability to set your family daily routine to suite your needs.

Remember these days?

  • Long walks
  • The feel of each other’s company 
  • Relaxing at the beach, counting the stars
  • Romantic nights
  • Boat rides / cruises
  • Candlelight dinners
  • Going to the movies
  • Quiet time

Capture the spirit of those good old days?

Be spontaneous; surprise your spouse. Do something special to show you care, and don’t forget it’s the little things that count. Why wait for birthdays, anniversaries, or valentines? Include Sapphire in your getaway plans. Whether it's overnight, a few days during the week, an entire week, or a weekend getaway, we will provide you with a caregiver to suit your needs.

    Don’t fall into the pattern of:

    • work
    • home
    • fixing supper
    • helping with homework
    • washing the dishes
    • falling asleep on the couch in front of the television
    • going to bed tired and starting the same routine all over again the very next day.

    Life is short, enjoy it while you can. Yes, you love and take care of your children and family, but do you take care of yourself? Do you get all the fun you deserve out of life?

    Sapphire was created with you in mind:

    Our services adhere to the principles of excellence, commitment and quality. All caregivers are screened, referenced checked, provide proof of eligibility to work in Canada, and must have police clearance in order to qualify for placement.