Nannys and childcare

The supervision and responsibility of a child for a period of time may include one or all of the following: preparing nutritious meals, bathing, dressing, daily walks, tiding up after, laundry and the daily necessities surrounding the child / children. It is expected that when our caregivers are in charge of babies and toddlers the work load will be minimum or next to none, as smaller children require more concentration. We encourage our clients not to give the caregiver an excess of work that will interrupt their main focus which is first priority of child / children, but to stick to contract agreements.

There will be times when Sapphire will have local caregivers ready for placements, however, these placements do not last long, and your decisions have to be made without delay. These are caregivers whose contracts have ended and they are seeking another family to work for. There are also some who would like to switch employers for various reasons. We encourage you to treat your caregiver with respect and be kind at all time, remembering that they are in a strange country and need time to adapt. Put yourself in their shoes, “trying to make an adjustment in a new country”, and remember that your caregiver feels the same way.