Senior & Caregiver Admin Service Fees:

Sapphire’s Gold-Standard Placement Package

Sapphire Personnel is a full-service placement agency that provides contacts to qualified, professional nannies, caregivers and nurses.

When placing a nanny or caregiver for long-term contracts, Sapphire Personnel charges a placement fee for the sourcing, vetting, interviewing and reference checking the applicant.

As the employer, you will receive Sapphire Personnel’s assistance and also a comprehensive and confidential report on the caregiver.

The Gold-Standard Report includes:

  • Authorized Personal Background check
  • Ministry of Transportation Driving Information (If Applicable)
  • Educational Background Check
  • Three Professional References
  • Two Personal References
  • Signed Copy of Consent to Disclose Personal Information
  • Authorized Police Clearance for the Vulnerable Sector
  • Copy of Resume with Work Related Experience
  • First-Aid, Child Safety, and CPR Certificates
Position Fee
International Admin Service Fees $5,500.00
Local Live-in / Live-out Admin Service Fees $2,500.00
Local Part-time Admin Service Fees $2,000.00
Candidate with driver’s license $3,000.00
Housekeepers, Gardeners, Chauffeurs 15% of Annual Salary

Other Admin Fees:

$1,000.00 - Sapphire makes two referrals and provide client with resumes, caregivers photo and contact information.

$2,000.00 – Sapphire prepares the LMO (Labor Market Opinion) for the client who has retained our services for the preparation of this document necessary to hire their own applicant. Sapphire does not source, or screen, client is responsible to obtain the necessary background checks to hire their own applicant.

$3,000.00 - Client retains Sapphire services to assist with the preparation of the LMO Application (Labor Market Option) for Service Canada and the preparation of a Work Permit application from Citizenship and Immigration Canada required for hiring their own applicant.

$350.00 - Consultation Service Fees.

Clients are Charged Hourly rates for:

Temporary and Weekend Placements

Temporary Placements:

$1,000.00 One Month Placement

$2,000.00 Two Month Placement

$2,500.00 (Over two months is considered a permanent placement)

* Qualified: Qualified nannies and caregivers are those who have a certificate or diploma in a related health care field or early childhood education, or on the job experience of two or more years.

Our fees are not based on the Caregiver’s salary. A 50% deposit is due upon selection of the candidate. The balance is due prior to your caregiver commencing employment.

Our Replacement Guarantee:

Sapphire will replace ONE Local Caregiver in a four (4) month period.

Sapphire will replace ONE Overseas Caregiver in a one (1) year period.

If a short-term placement becomes long-term, the difference in placement fee becomes due:

* Weekend Placements can be accommodated from Friday evening until Monday morning.

Hospital & Homecare Placements

Live-in Placements through the LCP $1,882.40 Gross/month
(see here for details)
Live-out Placements $25.00 - $30.00 per hour
Live-in Placements $20.00 - $25.00 per hour
Homecare - Home Helper $25.00 - $30.00 per hour
Personal Support Worker (PSW) $25.00 - $35.00 per hour
Personal Care Visit (PCV) $55.00 per hour
Nursing Visit (RN/RPN) $85.00 per hour

A free in home consultation by Administrative Staff, will be conducted prior to service. This scheduled home visit is for discussing and planning a timetable that best meet the needs of the client and person(s) being cared for. Hourly services have a four hour minimum, except in shifts that have an eight hour minimum between the hours of 10pm to 6am. No shifts later than 11pm.

Sapphire Cancellation Policy

When a client cancels service with:

  • More than 12 hours notice, No charge
  • Less than 12 hours notice, 3 hours charge
  • Less than 6 hours notice, charged 50% of the shift (minimum 3-hour charge)
  • Less than 3 hours notice, the full charge

Please make all payments payable to:

4936 Yonge Street
Suite 148
Toronto, Ontario
M2N 6S3

Payments can be made by E-Mail Payment, Credit Cards, Cash, Money Order, Bank-Draft, or Certified Cheque.

NOTE: Refunds will only be provided if a fee was collected in error or an incorrect fee amount was processed. There will not be refunds in the event where a client received a negative LMO confirmation or a negative work permit request. Our admin fees cover the processing of documentation for placements and applications and not the outcome.

HST will be added to all service fees